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Exception in java and its types

Exception: An exception is an event, which occurs during the execution of a program, that disrupts the normal flow of the program’s instructions. When an error occurs within a method, the method creates an object and hands it off to the runtime system. The object, called an exception object, contains information about the error, including

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What jQuery Mobile means for Developers

The current version of jQuery Mobile supports iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Android, Blackberry OS6, HP’s webOS, Mozilla’s Fennec and Opera Mobile. In the future, other platforms will be added including Windows Mobile, Symbian, MeeGo and more. One of the goals of the project is to extend the reach of jQuery to aid in building

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V Model

Software testing is one of the most complex yet fulfilling tasks involved in the development process. At every stage of development from unit testing through to User Acceptance Testing the same processes and techniques are used. The purpose of software testing is the validation and verification of the software, normally illustrated by using the V-model.

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Enumeration in Java and C#

Both languages(Java and C#) define enumerations, but they are implemented in fundamentally different ways. As such, enumerations are one area where tools designed to automatically translate code between the two languages fail. C# has implemented enumerations in a manner similar to C-programming, that is as wrappers around the bit-flags implemented in value types (integer, bytes,

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32-bit versus 64-bit

Hey fellas, This has been an great point of disscussion and thought processes What is difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit. Now here we have 3 aspects 1. Hardware 2. Operating System 3. Application Let’s Start with Hardware. We call this in general terms CPU or simply processor. So, topic of discussion is 32-bit processor

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