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Admob Testing Mode

By Using admob  in testing mode in development and testing phase, you would be loading test ads on your device/emulator. This is good and must , since, many times, you might tap on the adverts by mistake, and your admob  account could be banned if this happens regularly or if Admobs decides that you are

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Decomiple Android APK to get Resource Files (Reverse Engineering)

Download the attached file and extract it into a Directory.. Copy the apk files you want to decompile to the root directory of APKTool. Open a command window (cmd). Navigate to the root directory of APKtool and type the following command:               apktool d YourApkName.apk 5. After successful executing above command, a new directory

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Android NDK Development

NDK Development Guide   Prerequisites: Install C/C++ support for eclipse ADT In your ADT, click help –> Install new software –> <select from your previous sites eclipse plugin (for example Juno – ) > –> from “Programmin Languages” –> select CDT Development tools. Click install. Install Cygwin (if you are working on windows). Download

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Jar Mismatch error Resolution

Hi Android Developers, We generally see this error in our console, prompting us most of times when we import a new project and if it contains androidSupportv4.jar. Found 3 versions of android-support-v4.jar in the dependency list, but not all the versions are identical (check is based on SHA-1 only at this time). All versions of

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