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Acccess nth:tr or nth:td of table in Jquery

Some times we got a situation in which we have to access some specific table row <tr> or table data <td> of the table. We can achieve this through Jquery. To access nth row <tr> of table

To access nth table data <td> of table

To access each row of table


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Preview uploaded image through Jquery

This might be a old topic. But still, it will be useful for the beginners. Using jQuery we can achieve this, The preview action will be executed all in the browser without using Ajax to upload the image. Here is the example. The benefit of this is that we can display an uploaded image to

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Waves Background Effect

Firstly create a new document with the size 1900px X 1200px at a resolution of 72 px/inch. Take the Gradient Tool and open the Gradient Editor. Choose the Foreground to Transparent gradient. Apply the gradient from the top to down. Apply the next filter: Filter – Distort -Wave and choose the next settings: It’s the

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Strawberry Text Effect

Step 1 Create a new 1024 x 768 px document. Set the Foreground color to #f8cece, then use the Paint Bucket Tool to fill the canvas with that color. Create the text using the font Janda Manatee. Set the font color to #f12f2f, the font Size to 250 pt, and the Tracking value to 20

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