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How to add chat functionality in your app

Learn chat application using PubNub , you can make(learn) chat demo application without any back-end support at your end , because PubNub gives you facility to use it’s server free for one month. Publish and Subscribe Overview PubNub utilizes a Publish/Subscribe model for real-time data streaming and device signalling which lets you establish and maintain

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How to play music in iPhone/iPad along with bluetooth, headPhone devices as well as background functionality

Hi I wanna share one iOS issue to you people. I had to play music in iPhone/iPad with all devices like headPhone, bluetooth along with backgound functionality and i had to record music also. when i started work i through that it’s not my cup of tea. but I left no stone unturned and wrote

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The Spark of “Android One”

Hi readers, In the recent time on 15th September a change was experienced (not just your office timings lol). Google’s Sundar Pichai ran from his hill station office all the way to Mumbai to launch a totally new and innovative part of android OS named “Android One”. Android One is a program not to be

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Xcode 4.6.x crashing after installing xcode 6 beta version

Hi, There is problem when you will install Xcode 6 beta or new version and  you have already installed Xcode 4.6.x version on system. After installing Xcode 6 beta version, Xcode 4.6.x version will start crashing unexpected. As I have found the reason is changing Mobile Device Framework. There is command for this issue, we

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Key Hash uses and simple way to find in android…

 The key hash is used by Facebook as a security check for authenticity. By default, the app’s package is signed with a machine specific debug key. When publishing the app it is typically signed with a different, release key. Therefore, you want to make sure you have the hashes of all the related keys set

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