Google has stopped showing ads on the right side of search results

Google is making changes in the way the ads appear in search results. This is being done by removing them from the right hand side and putting them on the top and bottom of the page. Earlier the ads were being displayed on top, bottom and right hand side of the page which has been changed with effect from 22nd Feb 2016.

What will be the impact of this on Digital Marketing?

This will surely have an effect on the companies which are pursuing the organic way of doing SEO which means that more time and effort will be required for people doing it the natural way as space is even more precious.
For paid search, the competition will increase as space has been reduced.

What is the reason behind removing the ads from right hand side?

The reason for this is that after doing a little research Google determined that the average click through rate for the right hand side ads is not so good
This change was being researched upon since December, testing the change was very important before going ahead with this. The ads havent been completely removed , it will purely depend on that the user is searching for. Some results will still show ads on the right hand side where as some have been removed and placed on the top and bottom of the page.

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