Hide ! A Secret Vault

Hide ! A Secret Vault is a very useful application as it ensure privacy of your phone content.

Now you don’t have to worry about where your phone is.You can give your phone to anyone without worrying about your secret content being accessed by anyone.

Hide your pictures,audios,videos contacts and messages with this app and access them only from this application.Even you can hide your Call history.Also enjoy Chatting from this application.
So Its a Secret vault for all your phone content.It simply removes your files,contacts and sms from your phone and provide access to them from this application only.

Besides these features there is also a simplified explorer of your SD card .You can explore files of your SD Card and access them very easily.

Basic feature of App:

Lock feature: This is lock protected application.So,It ensures security of your private content.It does not allow anyone to access your     content    without your permission.

Two types of lock type are provided.

  • Pin Based : Lock screen will be pin based.You just need to create a pin at the time of installation of application.Evrytime when you will open the app ,you will need to enter the pin.So it ensures secure access to the application.Nobody can access your content without your    permission.

You can also change this pin anytime by going to Login Settings in Setting page.

  • Pattern based : Lock screen will be pattern based.When you will select this option you need to create a pattern and later you can access the application by    entering the correct pattern.

You can select your lock screen type by going to settings page.

Disguise Mode: Two types of disguise modes are available in this app.

  • Fake Pin : In this mode you can disguise others with fake pin.App can be opened by fake pin.It will make your folders look empty.

Also you can change your fake pin by going to setting screen.

  • Disguise screen : You can set the disguise screen for your app.This app will be disguised as Mirror app in app drawer.When you will open the app,it will open as    mirror.Clicking the Mirror text on the top of app will allow you to access your application.

So,No one will get to know about your hidden content.

Hide Files: You can hide the sd card files (Music,Video ,Audio and Others) with this app.Steps for hiding a file are following:

1.Go to File Explorer.Long press a file and option will appear.

2 .Select the Hide option and Options will appear to either create a folder or select the folder where   you want your file to be stored as hidden     file.

3.Clicking on Hide button will hide the file to the selected location.All the images will go to  Images folder ,Audio will go to Audio folder,Video will go to Video     folder and all Other files will go to Others folder in Hidden files Section.

You can also hide multiple files by clicking the Edit button on the top of screen and selecting multiple files.So,Hiding your files is so easy.

Hide Contacts: You can hide your contacts with this app and access them in All Contacts folder in Hidden files Section.Steps for hiding contact are following:

1.Go to All contacts provided in Explorer section.

2.Long Press on the contact to be hidden.

3.Options will appear to hide and delete the contact.Selecting the hide option will hide the selected contact.

Also you can hide multiple contacts by clicking edit button on the top of screen and then click the hide button in bottom of screen.

Other option on long clicking a contact provides other excellent features like Hiding the call Logs and  Incoming sms from a particular contact.

Hide Messages:This app also allow you to hide your secret sms from Inbox and allow you to acces them from this app.Also you can send sms to others from this application.Steps for Hiding sms are following:

1.Long Press on the message to be hidden.

2.Then Options will appear to hide and delete the message.Selecting the hide option will hide the selected message.

Hidden Files: You can access all your hidden data in Hidden File Section.You can view all your files in respective folders(Images,Audio,Video and Others).You can access your contacts and messages in My Contacts and My Sms folder. You can view these files,contacts and messages.You can delete these files,move these files to any other location and restore these files.You can also restore and delete contacts and messages also.

Restore: Application allow you to restore your files,contacts and messages.

Restore Files: You can restore your files to the original location or anywhere in sd card.Steps for restoring are following:

1.You can restore your files by long clicking the file and selecting the option of restore.

2.Clicking restore will ask you to either restore to the original location or select the folder where you want to restore.

Restore contacts and Messages: You can also restore your hidden sms and contacts.

Steps for restoring sms and Contacts are:

1.Long press on the sms or contact to unhide.

2.Selecting the option of Unhide will restore your sms or contact.

So, Hide your secrets with this app.You can find this on play store.you just need to install this and link for the same is given below:



You can also check the screenshots of the applications

     device-2013-05-24-123246                 device-2013-12-13-143131              device-2013-12-13-143323              device-2013-12-13-143337         device-2013-12-13-143349
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