The Evolution of mobile apps

Looking back at the design trend we start to think how people designed apps earlier and how far we have come in terms of the design,looks and functioning of the mobile phone app.

From finding out everything via phone calls to surfing on net, we have now entered that phase where everything is just a click away. Everything that we need is being made available to us through apps. Earlier every company had a website and then they created an app for the same.

This has made life easier for most people who are unable to take out time to go shopping or to the bank to deposit money. All this can be done in a few easy steps while you are in the elevator or travelling in the metro.

Looking at apps a few years ago and now, we see a tremendous change in the designs.The importance of a good UI and an intuitive UX cannot be ignored. Let’s look at a few examples-



The original app was a replica of the website. Then came the first few changes in their apps which were flat designs and simplified icons. There has been a lot of changes in the app and it keeps on changing based on the trends, taste and preferences of the consumer.

Google maps-


If we look at the google maps app, we are able to tell the difference that has emerged over a few years. New features like sending your location,choosing the shortest route,When receiving driving instructions, the app will now tell you which lane to stay in or switch to. One of the major drawbacks of this app was that there was little warning when it was time to exit which has been changed now. GPS has become more accurate.
We can also save and use certain areas of maps offline.

Designs are not constant. They keep changing based on the needs of the consumer.New innovations will keep on changing the design. However, the designs will clearly keep on changing with respect to what is important to the consumer. These changes have been made by companies which provide mobile app development services.

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