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Hey fellas,

This has been an great point of disscussion and thought processes What is difference between a 32-bit and 64-bit. Now here we have 3 aspects

1. Hardware

2. Operating System

3. Application

Let’s Start with Hardware. We call this in general terms CPU or simply processor. So, topic of discussion is 32-bit processor v/s 64-bit processor.

Now bit here refers to

 no. of memory registers in the processor

Every processor with its processing unit also contains some internal memory in form of registers. These registers are used to communicate between various processes run by processor. The processor in order to access or point to the processes needs some memory to store the addresses of processes it is running. Those addresses are stored using the processor’s registers. So this clearly defines

no. of bit of registers defines the total bit of addresses it can point at a single instance. a 32 bit processor defines 2^32  bits of addresses. which comes out to be around 4GB. i.e. a 32-bit Processor can support 4GB of RAM.

So in a 32 bit processor 4GB of addresses can be pointed simultaneously.

Now your task is to evaluate bit of addresses 64 bit processor can point to. Please post a corresponding comment for that.

Moving to next topic Operating System

Operating System is Software that is a interface between user and actual Hardware. So, to run or use the Hardware we need appropriate Operating System, which controls the functionality and provides user the modes to use them.

A 32 bit or 64 bit OS is one that can be run on corresponding Processor.

Further question in the comments please.

Next Application

Application are said to be compatible according to various Operating system. So, a Application that can be run on 32 bit OS must be made keeping in mind the target.

But we know a 32 bit application can easily* run on 64 bit OS. But reverse is no way possible.

So Application are made to extend the capability of OS. while OS is made to allow use of Hardware.

Note:- An important point here is if a device driver is considered as application then these are only compatible to specific OS. A device drive written for 32-bit OS will no way allow you to run the device hardware in 64-bit OS.

* only if OS provides backward compatibility to its Apps.

I understand there are a lot of questions in readers mind. Please Post your question below.

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