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Webworks is a platform given by Blackberry to develop apps for blackberry Smart phone(both BBOS and BB10). Using this technology one can develop apps that are basically web application but can be ported on device.


Enable Ripple Emulator:

  1. After installing the chrome extension (you will find at above link), click the ripple icon —> “Start Service”
  2. Now your Ripple Service is running (a DOS window will echo “Ripple started boldly at 9910″),
    • for any URL to use the ripple emulator, click the ripple icon —> “Enable” —> (only for first time or whenever you clear history)
    • a window to select the platform will appear,
    • select the “Webworks 2.0″ platform.

 Congrats!!! your Ripple is configured, you now see your site displaying in a blackberry device∞

Install your Webworks SDK:

After installation is complete, edit environment variable path inserting /tools/dependencies/bin;

Developing Webworks app:

Let’s start with a sample. Download the attached file “Webworks sample“. Extract the files to a folder named HelloWorld.

To run in Ripple

  1. Make folder RippleSites at C:\users\\ RippleSites so that Ripple can identify your files.

  2. Paste project folder (HelloWorld as extracted above) here.

  3. Go to google chrome:   Type url: localhost:9910/HelloWorld/index.html ——-> now click Ripple icon —–> enable   Select your platform (Webworks 2.0)

  4. To change platform on ripple change using platform tab.

Make a Build or Sign your package: 

  • Sign your keys from cmd using
  • for BB 10:
    •   creating debug token:
      • blackberry-debugtokenrequest -storepass    -devicepin hardware–>device-PIN>
    • install:
      • blackberry-deploy -installDebugToken “C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Research In Motion\” -device-pin -password device-password
    • Signing for device  blackberry-signer -register -csjpin   -storepass    
      • example
        •  blackberry-signer –register –csjpin 123456 –storepass rocket11 C:\keys\client-RDK-488888888.csj C:\keys\client-PBDT-488888888.csj
  • for BB OS 7 and lower  
    • go to \bin dir in cmd
      • java -jar SignatureTool.jar [CSI file name].csi…….. for all 3 files

Backup your keys

  • For BB 10:
    • create archive for author.p12, barsigner.csk and barsigner.db
  • For BB 7 and lower
    • create archive for sigtool.csk and sigtool.db

Run on your device

  • On BB 10:
    • From cmd to install bar on device:
      •  blackberry-deploy -installApp -password -device -package
  • On BB OS 7 and Lower   
    • Go to \bin  From cmd install the cod file on device using:
      •  JavaLoader [-w] load

∞not a real device, for that you need to purchase it.

****** NOTE :- The commands given here are subject to change according to different versions. You can check the base site for that.*****  
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