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It is human nature to be social and with so many social networking sites coming up, it has become easy for people to socialise. And with increaisng number of mobile phone available we have the ability to be social in every aspect. Mobile apps have made it feasible for us to be in touch all the time.

2015 is the year where mobile search activity surpasses desktop search activity. Mobile apps now account for more than half (52%) of all time spent on digital media.

For a business, having a mobile app is necessary for getting the benefits of social media. People like to share their experience about a brand with friends. Therefore every mobile app design should include social pages as well to make it easy for people to share. Every business requires a mobile app because mobile apps are the future and also helps increasing sales. 42% of all mobile sales generated by the leading 500 merchants came from mobile apps.

1. Collect feedback:

Mobile app is an easy way of collecting feedback rather than posting it on site. App helps save time of the customers. For example – If we visit a new restaurant and want to write a review for them on zomato then its easier for us to open an app than to go back home and write it on their website.

2.Mobile a necessity:

All of us carry our phones with us everywhere. It has become a necessity than a luxury. People have become so used to using a mobile that whenever we find free time we start socialising like while waiting for the bus or during lunch break etc. We love to be social whenever we can and mobile phones help us in doing so. The average time people spend on their apps is increased by 21% over the last year.

3. It is fast and simple:

Mobile apps provide instant updates. Push notifications are a good way of getting such updates. Businesses that have a mobile app have an advantage over the others as they can post updates and it will be notified to the customer via push notification.

The easier it is for people to share the more sharing will happen.Mobile apps are an easy and fast way for consumers to share with their friends.Your mobile app can drive consumer engagement to another level. Mobile apps make it easy to increase social interactions.

4. Customer support and special offers:

It is impostant for businesses to build customer support. Mobile app development help in keeping in touch with the customers. Special offers like giving offers to customers who download the app for the first time is a good strategy for a start. For example- Cab Services provide the first ride for free if you download their app. This is a good way of interacting with the customers.

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