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Posted on: April 28, 2014 /

Categories: Testing / Author Name: Vishal Tyagi

Few of my testing colleagues like to code and design, but i am having different approach towards testing. I believe tester should do testing rather than spending his time while coding and designing. My colleagues love to do coding but I have found that they love to code but bugs find out by them is low on terms of quality, because they think like developer rather then tester. They are using and upgrading their coding skill on daily bases but i firmly believe if tester would start coding and designing his objectivity would reduce. Developer is always having thinking that his code is bug free. For example- a mother always think that his son is decent and not doing mistake. But neighbor’s is always having problem with child if his (child) activity is not good. Developer common believes: 1) I did a nice job. 2) I don’t think tester can find out any defects in my app. 3) Hardly believe that he did a mistake while coding and designing. 4) Don’t want to change his coding. Tester point of view: 1-As he starts testing he is always having mindset that developer did a mistake and I have to find out that mistake. 2-As most satisfactory job of developer is coding, same most satisfactory job of tester is finding out good issues. 3) Tester won’t hesitate while finding out errors. 4) Even small bugs cause trouble for application that’s believed of software testing engineer.

5) 100% accuracy is only possible if machine start coding, so i can find out mistakes.

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