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 Phonegap or Cordova are same. Earlier this was Phonegap and after Adobe took it over this was named Cordova* (So I would be calling Cordova).

To develop for BB 10 using Cordova Follow the steps

  1.  if you are developing for BBOS 7 and Lower (upto BBOS 5) Download any of Cordova 2.7 – Cordova 2.2
    Step 1: Download appropriate archive here
    Step 2: watch here must be in your path.
    Most important follow these steps carefully and follow every single step and you will be stepping on your milestone.
  2. If You are developing for BB 10 then you need Cordova 2.7 and higher version
    1. Download appropriate archive here
      • Now if you have downloaded 2.7 then you can develop using Webworks.
      • for higher versions (2.8 and above) you need Blackberry Native SDK(bbndk)
      • For 2.7 version use the above given link it will work for BB 10 also.
    2.   else follow further
      •   First of all set /host/x86/usr/bin to your “Path” variable
      •   Step 1: From downloaded archive extract it to a particular location on your hard drive.
      •   Step 2: open cmd and cd to the extracted directory.
        •  This has two options
          1. you might find lots of zipped files (mostly for 3.0) in that case extract your platform file(Cordova-blackberry). open the folder “blackberry10/bin” and cd in DOS to this directory.
          2. you might find one “blackberry” folder inside “lib” and inside that you will find “blackberry10/bin” folder, cd in DOS to this directory
      •   Step 3: type command create .
        • This will create your project in the specified . With all default features and a default config.xml, index.xml file, other required files.
        • folder with name “cordova” will also be created and that is the folder used for build and run your app on device or simulator.
        • Since already a dummy app is created by the create command. So, now you can directly build/run your app.
      • Step 4: Building your app:-  you can either build in release mode or debug mode. For that
        1. cd to your /cordova directory and type
          1. build [–release] [–debug] (default is debug) []
            • *** Something to note here:-
            • if
              • your have build.xml in your you need to run cordova/build from your . In DOS it doesn’t work. for that you need to install Cygwin.
              • you will also see file, where you need to set, Device/simulator, keystore Password for signing and other details.
            • else
              • find project.json in your and edit the bar-file-name and other details their.
              • for simulator/device settings next step
          2. now add target which can be device or simulator using
            • target add .
      • Step 5: Run your app

Following these steps you will reach to a relief zone by running your app. if you don’t find that, use space below to throw any of your frustration. I will be answering as soon as possible.

*as per Wikipedia Article
****** NOTE :- The commands given here are subject to change according to different versions. You can check the base site for that.*****
*** From cordova 3.0 and above you can only create App for BB10 no support is there for BBOS 7 and lower.

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