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with the release of Blackberry 10, developers now has wider approach to develop apps, which was earlier restricted to Java and webworks for Blackberry smartphone.

This post briefs with all the available platforms available for bb10.

History for BB10.

Research in Motion(now just Blackberry) has Merged its Playbook OS (qnx) with smartphone OS (Java layer). Now known popularly as QNX. This has allowed Blackberry Developers to port various apps for Blackberry 10.

Android Developers

With new BB 10 Android Developers can now port their Android apps for BB 1o  devices. Cooool right!! Its really a great feature provided by Blackberry known as ANDROID RUNTIME.

so, What to do for porting an android app for Blackberry world.  Follow these simple steps

1. Before doing anything regarding this, I suggest you to check your apk compatibility here.

a). appropriate message will be shown to you,  whether your app is compatible or not. if not, then it will also show you cause.

2. Now to fix the issues if any:

a). You can Install the eclipse plugin.

b). Not to tell you need Android adt and  Sdk also

In brief you cannot port your android-ndk apps. For that read the further post Native Development.

NATIVE Development: 

Congrats!! C/C++ developer this is all yours.

Technologies Required

1. C/C++:

2. a brief of Javascript

3. Cascades / QML

Tools Required

1. Momentics IDE

2. BB 10 Native SDK

and their Requirements.

HTML5 Developers and Webworks

Now its more simpler. All web developers are welcomed by Blackberry to put one more feather in their cap. Html 5 with support of Webworks can be used to develop mobile apps.

Building BB 10 Apps with Web technologies

More platforms see here
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