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I am going to share some frequently asked questions for Hide ! A secret Vault android application

Application is use to hide Photos , videos, SMS and contacts .Application is available at playstore


FAQ === Q: How do I hide pictures and videos?

A: 1.Go to File Explorer with in application

2 Long press the selected  file and option will appear.

3 . Select the Hide option to Hide the file.

Simple steps Q: How does Secret Vault work?

A: Secret Vault provides you with a locked gallery that lives on your phone.

Q: Does this app hide videos?
A: Yes, we support single video hiding and multiple videos. There is also no limit to how many videos you can hide.

Q: Where are my pictures after I un-hide them?
A: Your pictures will be in the same location as before they were hidden. or you can select other location

Q: How can I retrieve my PIN?
A: There is option to retrieve using forget password.

Q: Are my hidden pictures stored online?
A: No! Secret Vault  only stores pictures in a secret box on your Android phone.

Q: How many pictures can I hide in Secret Vault ?

A: As many as you want. A secret box without limits.

Q: Can I take pictures out of this secret vault?

A: Yes, you can unhide pictures with only a couple of clicks.

Q: Can i hide My Contacts

A: Yes you can hide contacts , Contacts will be visible in application only.

Q: Can i hide SMS

A: User can Hide SMS , Also can send sms which will not be visible in sent items

Application has so many useful features to explore. So give a try


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