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Well this have always been a topic of discussion among geeks and most favorite question of many interviewers. Here we will have a detailed look at this topic. After reading this blog you will be able to figure out is Java  a pure object oriented language?

Object oriented refers to a methodology which enables a system to be modeled as a set of objects which can be controlled and manipulated in a modular manner. Well Java does that. Every thing in Java is written inside the class, you can’t do anything in java without defining a class, and class is just a logical description of an object and to have that object do something, you need to create it. So one can argue that Java is a pure object oriented language.But there are few things that can be done without even creating the object of a class i.e. the code written inside the static block, which contradicts the object oriented paradigm.

Every runtime entity in Java represents some or other object, it can be said that Java is a pure object oriented language. But one can also argue that Java makes use of primitive data types and those are not objects, hence Java is not a pure object oriented language. But Java also has the wrapper classes for all the primitive time. Hence it further strengthens its concept of being object oriented.

Well in my point of view to answer this question first, being pure object oriented should  be defined clearly. There is nothing like pure. One can’t say that Java is a pure object oriented or it is not. Yes Off course Java is an Object oriented language.

Need your comments to further discuss this issue.

Hamshan Khan

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