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Posted on: April 28, 2014 /

Categories: Testing / Author Name: Vishal Tyagi

Functional Testing – Functional testing makes sure that the application is working as described by the requirements. This testing is usually focused on the user interface and features of the application. This type of testing is best performed manually.

Performance Testing – This testing checks the performance and behavior of the application under conditions like low battery, bad network coverage, low available memory, and simultaneous access to application’s server by several users. This type of testing can sometimes be performed with automated testing.

Memory Leakage Testing – When a computer program or application is unable to manage the memory it is allocated the application and overall system may experience poor performance. Memory leakage testing is crucial for the proper functioning of an application because mobile devices are often very limited in their available memory. This type of testing is best tested manually and with automated testing.

Interrupt Testing – While functioning, a mobile application may be interrupted by incoming calls, text messages, or network coverage outage and recovery. Applications should be able to handle interruptions by entering a sleep state and resuming afterwards. This type of testing is best tested manually and with automated testing.

Usability testing – Usability testing verifies that the application is getting a favorable response from users and achieving its goals. Often this is done with a test group of potential future users. This type of testing can only be done manually.

Installation testing – Most applications have to be downloaded and installed from a store such as the Apple App Store or Google Play. Installation testing confirms that the installation process functions correctly. This type of testing can only be done manually.

Certification Testing – Many mobile platforms offer a certificate of compliance which an application can acquire by successfully conforming to the guidelines established by the mobile platform. This type of testing is often done with automated testing.

Because many important kinds of testing cannot be done automatically, it is not likely that manual testing will be replaced entirely by automated testing in the near future. However, automated testing can be powerful tool in a hand of manual tester to reduce efforts, time, and cost.

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