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The market is full with apps and mobile developers,we should now think of separating them into three main categories: bad ones, good ones and brilliant ones. Even though everyone wants to be a part of the last one it might not be practically possible. Nowadays, in order to be impressive, it is not enough to just build a great app. The latest trends in this field, essential for boosting their business and for reaching a wider audience. 1 Connection to Back-End Systems This feature is in demand more and more. For example- a person is online booking a ticket and suddenly has to leave the house; no worries, he can still check out the tickets on the go, with the mobile app. But if the app does not have a my transaction section, then the ticket becomes useless. The app must always be capable of doing the same things as the desktop website. Furthermore, they must be connected through a user account that syncs on all devices. 2 Security levels in phones People use mobile phones for multiple purposes – entertainment, games, and business. All apps are share the same sensitive information. Therefore, we need to make sure there is a high level of security. For instance, no one would want a game to access and spread personal or financial information. But on the other side, no user will appreciate an app so secured that won’t function with free public Wi-Fi or that will encrypt files so that they cannot be exported into the PC. 3 Cloud Benefits Apps is useless if customers cannot fully access, share and manage data which is possible through cloud. Take advantage of this wonderful invention and use it to create amazing user experiences without any limitations. 4 Full Mobility Companies should take into consideration the full mobility of an app. The main idea is to create a product that covers all possible actions, completely independent of the traditional desktop. Today, people expect mobile phones to replace other things too, than just a PC. They want to do everything with smart phones as these have become an extension of human beings. 5 Employ APIs for Faster Progress

The Mobile app development has a tough mission – it has to always stay on top of new systems and devices. The app has to run on every model of smartphone to be successful.

The easiest and smartest solution to this problem is to use APIs as it exempts you from storing tons of data. 6 Enterprise or Consumer Apps? How much money you want to make! Enterprise apps bring in a lot more revenue than consumer ones. The reason behind this is that people are not ready to invest as almost every paid app has a free equivalent doing the same things. 7 Serving the Right Needs Here’s a sad report for mobile app developers: 1 out of 4 downloaded apps are never used again. For various reasons – the app is not that useful, the product didn’t keep up with modern innovations, developers didn’t invest time in updating the interface and features. In conclusion, always pay attention to the final purpose and capacities of a product. The initial idea may be good, but the execution is essential. 8 High Quality Content and Marketing Plans Developers usually forget about texts and focus on technical aspects only. This is not acceptable anymore as Users are paying attention to every phrase and they want high-quality information. In the end,the most important step in building an app – creating a marketing plan for it.This will create an audience and the product will sell well.

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