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hi folks,

In the recent past , idealt with the problem of loading the images from urls that i get from facebook. it was making my app slow so i digged deeper and found many solutions out of which i personally recommend doing it via AQuery. Being a developer its good practice to reuse the alreasy available code like the AQuery. But i like to write my own code that is well known to me or doing it via availability of resources online.

I found out that in my app AQuery is not giving me the solution i needed, so all those who are facing problems implementing Aquery.
can use my this finding:

Basic usage:

instantiate the ImageLoader class in your getView method of Any adapter
like ImageLoader obj= new ImageLoader([YOUR APP CONTEXT]);

then, obj.DisplayImage([YOUR URL],[YOUR IMAGE VIEW REFERENCE]);
like obj.DisplayImage(“https://falana.jpg”,holder.imageView);(Mine, case)

its simple as AQuery and work quickly. although AQuery is most appropriate for such stuff but this is for those facing probs with Aquery,

FOr the code source, take it from me:

I, TAPAN SAINI Android developer trainee

Linchpin pvt. ltd.

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