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Software Testing has lot of challenges both in manual as well as in automation. Here are few Challenges usually faced by testers: 1.Frequent Changes in the application: Once the requirement gets final, QA team start preparing Test designs (i.e.,Test scenarios, Test cases, Checklist and more). Many times it happens that client not sure about the

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What is Web Testing? Web testing is checking your web application for potential bugs before the website is launched and made live.During this stage the issue of web application security, the functioning of the site, its access to handicapped as well as regular users and its ability to handle traffic is checked. Web Application Testing

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1. Designer changes the design and developer has to change complete coding: Development starts once the designs have been approved and sent across to the developer with the color codes, pictures and in the case of the icons the developer requires either png or tff depending on whether it is single color or multi colors.

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The market is full with apps and mobile developers,we should now think of separating them into three main categories: bad ones, good ones and brilliant ones. Even though everyone wants to be a part of the last one it might not be practically possible. Nowadays, in order to be impressive, it is not enough to

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Handybuzz is an online portal where you can find large no. of companies and their products and services that you can order or purchase via the portal. It’s basically a business-to-business platform that works like a virtual shopping mall where you can visit a number of shops (profiles of companies) and select the desired products

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