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What is deep linking ? In the context of the mobile apps, deep linking consists of using a uniform resource identifier (URI) that links to a specific location within a mobile app rather than simply launching the app. Deferred Deep Linking allows users to deep link to content even if the app isn’t already installed.

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Linchpin Technologies has been featured as one of the 20 Best Companies in IT Services in the Startup City Magazine 2015. The magazines write up has been summarized here. Linchpin is a globally recognized mobile Consulting, Design & Development company. It has a team of 80+ passionate mobility experts with over 500+ Apps developed across

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We are no longer in that era where people used to use internet on their desktops. We practically live online now. We are always on, always connected. Constantly being connected is of great advantage to everyone. We turn to our mobile phone apps for every little thing from paying bills to buying groceries to last

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It is human nature to be social and with so many social networking sites coming up, it has become easy for people to socialise. And with increaisng number of mobile phone available we have the ability to be social in every aspect. Mobile apps have made it feasible for us to be in touch all

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Looking back at the design trend we start to think how people designed apps earlier and how far we have come in terms of the design,looks and functioning of the mobile phone app. From finding out everything via phone calls to surfing on net, we have now entered that phase where everything is just a

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