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1. Designer changes the design and developer has to change complete coding:
Development starts once the designs have been approved and sent across to the developer with the color codes, pictures and in the case of the icons the developer requires either png or tff depending on whether it is single color or multi colors.

2.Number of devices with different screen sizes :
The launch of a new mobile device every few months with varied screen sizes has increased the work load of the developers. The app is first made on a particular screen size say for a smart phone, but since tablets and notes are also available in the market , the developer has to change the layout and increase the screen size, font size for all the different screen sizes.

3.Android is releasing the new versions on a very little time interval developer need to keep update for these updates: Android version started with the release of Android alpha in November 2007. If we look at the history of android version updates, a new version is released atleast twice a year.

When a new version is updated on a mobile phone the developer has to change the codes accordingly for the app to be compatible with the new version.

4. Project is never complete:
There are some clients who are not clear about the screens at first so they use hit and trial method to arrive at their final choice of screens and every time a change is made, the developer has to make those changes to show it to the client. This increases the work pressure and hence the work is never really complete.

5. Understanding the code of someone else Developers mostly use API’s . Using an API is easy, but understanding someone else’s code takes time. It requires careful studying of the codes and coming up with solution to use them in the app.

A few apps would require two different API’s which is double the work because after understanding both, they have to be linked to each other.

6. Offline working of App:
Applications either operate offline or work with internet access. But offline working of an app requires that the database that is being maintained on the device end be synced with the database on the server end so the effort and work is more.

7. If Server end is handled by different company which leads to a communication gap:
The problem that arises here when the data is not available in house is that the data that is available is not as per our need. There is always a compromising factor involved, whereas the in- house data is easier to understand as it has been developed by someone among us.

8. Optimization issue:
The most challenging task for a developer is to optimize the codes that is to write smaller codes instead of the bigger ones which uses less space in the app and easier to download and use. The less heavy the file the easier it is to download and update.

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