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Poker isn’t only a game for us at Poker Ninja. It is an encounter, an exciting one. We are resolved to give a recreational fun encounter to all players, in a mindful and straightforward way. Poker Ninja is a player-driven stage for online poker. It is one of India’s most energizing stages for players at all stages in their poker profession to encounter genuine cash games and energizing competitions. 

At Poker Ninja, the lead brand of Intuit Gaming, you’ll find relentless poker activity, in a fun and safe climate to play with individuals from around India, with games accessible no doubt or play cash. We, at Intuit Gaming, bring to you a top-notch stage to play your number one card-based expertise game on the web, without agonizing over the security of your genuine or play cash.

Win INR 1 Million Worth of Prizes

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Step by step the life of a corporate worker is progressively turning out to be upsetting, tiring, unremarkable and a normal that nobody can appear to get away with. Normally at that point, corporates these days are taking a gander at embracing a few new strategies and directing different recreational exercises and R&R meetings to keep their representatives roused and cheerful. Adding to this training, and to make the round of poker a piece of each corporate’s ordinary recreational schedule, Poker Ninja, the leader brand of Intuit Gaming, declares its most up to date and an energizing class called, Corporate Hold’em League (CHL). Poker Ninja commends its first Anniversary this June with the beginning of this association. 

CHL is brought into the world with breaking the daily practice and giving a sheltered, fun and energizing stage for corporates to rival each other in the game that many have developed to cherish. Curated by Poker Ninja, CHL welcomes poker sweethearts from corporates all through India to take an interest in this month-long class, rival their fence-straddling back-stabbers from different corporates and bring home their meriting share from the enormous prize pool of an incredible 1 million INR. Starting in August 2017, CHL will waitlist groups through a progression of both on the web and disconnected competitions consistently, which will, at last, come full circle into the main three groups fighting it out in the elegant finale in the long stretch of September. 

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CHL will permit a limitless number of groups (with at least 3 and limit of 5 parts in each group) from each corporate to partake in the class. The section charge for every one of the groups would be Rs. 10,000. The groups will be needed to round out the enrollment structure. When enlisted and subsequent to satisfying all the necessities, the groups will get qualified to take an interest in the online competitions on Poker Ninja’s site. These online competitions will happen each Sunday of August 2017, for example, sixth, thirteenth, twentieth and 27th. The configuration and structure of the competition will be imparted to all the major parts ahead of time. All the groups will be needed to partake in these competitions and assemble focuses dependent on their exhibitions in the competitions. No section expense will be charged for these competitions.