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Posted on: December 20, 2013 /

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In this article I am sharing one of the Mobile app building tool named “Sencha”. Sencha is a tool that helps you create your app using the proper MVC architecture. So, now questions is does sencha allow to make build for all Mobile platforms? Answer is although easy No, Sencha supports following


1.      Support for native apps a.      Android b.      Ios 2.      Support for native using Phonegap/Cordova. a.      Blackberry b.      Windows In this article my major consideration would be on building general sencha

app and understanding of sencha MVC architecture.

To Create a Sencha App follow these steps (No Copyright Violation We don’t own the content mentioned on Sencha Website.).!/guide/command_app

Note:- Both “app.json” and “packager.json” have inline documentation for

each configurable item. Simply open the files and edit them as you need.

If you need to add js or any other resource
Note:- Make changes to app.json its for deployment.

1. Add your js to some folder either in “app” or “resource” 2. If its not there then edit sencha.cfg to contain the path of your directory relatively 3. Now also make changes in app.json in particular json object example if its js search for js:[{ }] and add your part as mentioned in comments. if its css search for css:[{}] to add anything that is available in resource folder add in resource:[{}]

as your object.

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