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As we all knows Nokia has launched its first Android phone NokiaX.The apps having google map,google in app billing and GCM push notification will not run on NokiaX as NokiaX does not support “Google play services”. So developers need to setup environment for the development of nokiaX apps.Following are the steps:

Environment SetUp and install ADT Bundle from “”

2.Install NokiaX specific packages: a. Open the SDK Manager and select Tools -> Manage Add-on Sites… b. Open User Defined Sites tab and click the New… Button

c. Enter the following URL to the Add Add-on Site URL dialog:

d. Click OK
e. Click the Close button to close the Add-on Sites window

3. We can now seen following packages in SDK Manager Android 4.1.2 (API 16)

a. Nokia X System Image

Extras a. Nokia X Device Definitions b. Nokia X services

c. Nokia X USB Driver

4.Select the packages and click the Install 4 packages… button. Make sure to accept the license agreement for the packages, otherwise the SDK Manager cannot install them.

Setting up the Emulator
1. Open AVD Manager inside Windows-> Android Virtual Device Manager.

2.Open the Device Definition tab, select Nokia X by Nokia from the list of devices and click Create AVD button.

3. Provide a name for the AVD, for example “AVD_for_Nokia_X”. Make sure the target of the AVD is Nokia X services (Nokia) – API Level 16.

4. Select the desired AVD from the CPU/ABI drop-down. Once you are happy with the settings click OK to create the virtual device.

Soon I will discuss how to use HERE MAPS API (alternate of google maps) in nokiaX.

Thanks, Sulabh Jain

(Android Application Developer)

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