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S. No. Phase SDLC – Software Development Life cycle STLC – Software Test Life Cycle
1 Requirements Gathering Requirements gathering is done by business analyst. Development team analyse the requirements from the design, architecture & coding perspective. Testing team also review & analyse the requirements. Testing team identifies the testing requirements like what types of testing will be required and review the requirements for logical functional relationship between various features / modules, so that any gaps can be caught at an early stage.
2 Design Technical architect works for the high level & low design of the software. Business analyst works for the UI design of the application Here, test architect generally the test lead/manager, does the test planning, identify high level testing points. Basically, requirement detailing is done in this phase.
3 Coding or development Development team does the actual coding based on the designed architecture. Testing team write the detailed test cases.
4 Testing In SDLC, actual testing is carried out in this phase. It includes unit testing, integration testing & system testing etc.. Test Execution and bug reporting, manual testing, automation testing is done, defects found are reported. Re-testing and regression testing is also done in this phase.  Testing of test cases & test plans i.e. is basically review of test cases, test scenarios etc..
5 Deployment Application is deployed on production environment for real end users. Final testing and implementation is done is this phase and final test report is prepared.  For software / application deployment is basically, when it is installed for real use. So, this way, STLC, deployment would be when test when test cases getting used i.e. execution of test cases.
6 Maintenance Basically, it includes, post production / deployment support & enhancements. Most of people say – Maintenance testing is carried out in this phase.  Updation & maintenance of test plans, test case required for the testing of support requests & enhancements as a part of maintenance.

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