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Methods to play with touches virtual bool ccTouchBegan(CCTouch* touch, CCEvent* event); virtual void ccTouchMoved(CCTouch* touch, CCEvent* event); virtual void ccTouchEnded(CCTouch* touch, CCEvent* event); virtual void ccTouchCancelled(CCTouch* touch, CCEvent* event);   Firstly, add the methods in your .h file Override the methods in your .cpp file   In your .cpp file in the init() method add

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For moving the bodies around the four sides,we have to use the linear velocity in the update function: Let us assume we have to move all the kinematic bodies around the screen,then in the update function,we will firstly check either the body is kinematic or not: placed the sprite and the body at the min_x

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Hi friends. In this tutorial I am going to tell you how to use editbox which is like a textbox in cocos2d-x. There are some simple steps Step 1: Step 1 is as simple. Just create a new project in cocos2d-x Step 2: Now just remove the extra matter in your HelloWorldScene.h so that it

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Top 10 New Features in CSS 3 The latest version of Cascade Style Sheets, CSS 3, was developed to make Web design easier but it became a hot topic for a while because not all browsers supported it. However, trends change quickly in technology and all browser makers currently are implementing complete CSS 3 support.

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Outlines of an HTML5 Document The HTML5 specification brings several new elements to web developers allowing them to describe the structure of a web document with standard semantics. This document describes these elements and how to use them to define the desired outline for any document.  Structure of a Document in HTML 5 All content

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