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There are two methods for playing sounds in android Soundpool and Media Player. Soundpool : Soundpool is designed for short clips which can be kept in memory decompressed for quick access, this is best suited for sound effects in apps or games. Using this method with soundboards is a bad idea as you will be loading

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Step 1 Start by creating a new 1920×1080 pixels document. To create a new document, go to File > New. Step 2 Make the background black. You can do this quickly by pressing Ctrl/Cmd+I or going to Image > Adjustments > Invert to invert the color Step 3 Type in the text you like to

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Below is the code for recording a voice through mic and saving it in sdcard :   //Code for saving recording private void startRecording(){ mRecorder = new MediaRecorder(); File sampleDir = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(); try { audiofile = File.createTempFile(“sound”, “.3gp”, sampleDir); } catch (Exception e) { // TODO: handle exception Log.e(“Path Error”, “Error in making directory”); }

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As everyone knows that every person has different voice. It all because of different frequency rate of different people. So we can change voice by changing frequency rate. In android to change frequency we use “Soundpool“.   The SoundPool class manages and plays audio resources for applications. A SoundPool is a collection of samples that

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When working on php websites made from scratch and without a framework, speed can often be an issue. Caching is extremely useful in order to speed up PHP webpages. In this article, I’ll show you a super easy and efficient way to dynamically cache php pages that need to be faster. Step one: Create the

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