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Configuring the Server for integrating MY SQL Database with ASP.NET. Following are the things we need to check:- first check the application type 32 bit or 64 bit. from the inetmgr. For which you have to go to the application pool and click advance setting. There you see “Enable 32-Bit Application” true means it is

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-(void)getAlbumPhotos:(NSString *)albumName { __block BOOL albumWasFound = NO; //search all photo albums in the library [self.library enumerateGroupsWithTypes:ALAssetsGroupAlbum usingBlock:^(ALAssetsGroup *group, BOOL *stop) { if([albumName compare: [group valueForProperty:ALAssetsGroupPropertyName]]==NSOrderedSame) { //target album is found albumWasFound = YES; [group enumerateAssetsUsingBlock:^(ALAsset *result, NSUInteger index, BOOL *stop) { ALAssetRepresentation *representation = [result defaultRepresentation]; if(result){ UIImage *latestPhoto = [UIImage imageWithCGImage:[representation fullScreenImage]]; [mutPhotoArray

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-(void)extractAudioFromVideo:(NSURL*)videoSrcPath audioFilePath:(NSString*)dstPath{ AVMutableComposition* newAudioAsset = [AVMutableComposition composition]; AVMutableCompositionTrack* dstCompositionTrack; dstCompositionTrack = [newAudioAsset addMutableTrackWithMediaType:AVMediaTypeAudio preferredTrackID:kCMPersistentTrackID_Invalid]; //NSURL *srcURL=[NSURL fileURLWithPath:videoSrcPath]; NSURL *srcURL=videoSrcPath; AVAsset* srcAsset = [AVURLAsset URLAssetWithURL:srcURL options:nil]; AVAssetTrack* srcTrack = [[srcAsset tracksWithMediaType:AVMediaTypeAudio] objectAtIndex:0]; NSArray *formatDescriptions=srcTrack.formatDescriptions; NSString *fileType = nil; NSString *ex = nil; if ([formatDescriptions count] > 0) { CMAudioFormatDescriptionRef formatDesc=(__bridge CMFormatDescriptionRef)[formatDescriptions objectAtIndex:0]; FourCharCode mediaSubType = CMFormatDescriptionGetMediaSubType(formatDesc);

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Adding Animations :- Animations are especially useful when the screen changes state, such as when content loads or new actions become available. Animations can also add a polished look to your app, which gives your app a higher quality feel.Adding animation on any view Here is the code to show animation on TextView :- public

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Hi all, I am describing how to lock and unlock pivot swipe gesture, for which we have to use LockablePivot control. Lockable Pivot is suitable in cases when you have multiple selection, sliding, drawing, etc. To begin with using the LockablePivot first add a reference to the Microsoft.Phone.Controls.Toolkit.dll assembly in your Windows Phone application project.

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