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Posted on: January 29, 2014 /

Categories: PHP / Author Name: Diksha Verma

How do we fetch data dynamically from database in Dropdown?             Dropdown                                     Table : Location                           In show() function of Controller $locList

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CCUserDefault acts as a key value pair and stores a value corresponding to the keys Suppose you want to store a high score of your game so that when the user restarts the game after exiting,the changes should persist For this,in your .cpp file take a const key value at the top after header inclusion

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Various possiblity of Nested class : possible : since non static context possible in static context(i.e. we can define anything non static inside static context) not possible :        Definition of anything static never possible inside Nonstatic context.(region : static things get memory earlier than nonstatic) //possible class Manager { static class Outer { class Inner

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//ADD SPRITES TO THE SCENE CCSprite *sprite1=CCSprite::create(“sprite1.png”); //Let the scaling factor is rX and rY for X and Y direction sprite1->setScaleX(rX); sprite1->setScaleY(rY); scene->addChild(sprite1); //Similarly we can add other sprites also which are to be in the array //ADD ALL THESE SPRITES TO THE CCARRAY CCArray *arr=new CCArray; arr->addObject(sprite1); In above sprite declaration,position of the sprite

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Hello Folks, I am writing this post to quickly adapt Android -HTML and XML -Usage of jar files -AWT of JAVA for understanding Android Events -Objects and hash code. -URL,HTTP background for understanding Web Services Marked things in this week – Android seperates Logic(Programming) from Layouts and Strings mainly. because it gives support to many

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