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TYPES OF INNER CLASS IN JAVA 1. Non static Inner class 2. Static Inner class 3. Method Local Inner class 4. Anonymous Inner class // 1. …………………………….Non static inner Class…………………………. class Outer { void outer() { System.out.println(“outer”); } class Inner { void inner() { System.out.println(“inner”); } } } class Manager { public static void main(String

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Posted on: January 21, 2014 /

Categories: Testing / Author Name: Vishal Tyagi

In this blog i will help you in gaining some knowledge about Manual testing. Lets get started with Manual Testing. First question that comes to mind is Q.what do you mean by Software Testing? Ans.Software testing is process used to measure the information related to quality of the product or service under test. In this process we are doing

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  RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED WHILE VARIOUS OVERLOADED METHODS ARE GIVEN. PRIORITY: AUTOWIDENING > AUTOBOXING > AUTOUPCASTING > VAR-ARGS… (Above Priority sequence must be followed while calling when multiple overloaded methods occurs) class A { public static void main(String …arg) { show(20); /*… this point of instant 1st show method is called . step 1:

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CYGWIN – “ERROR: YOU ARE USING A NON-CYGWIN COMPATIBLE MAKE PROGRAM” “ERROR: You are using a non-Cygwin compatible Make program. Currently using: C:/cygwin/bin/make Solution: Follow these steps: 1. Ensure that the Cygwin ‘make’ package is installed. NOTE: You will need GNU Make 3.81 or later! 2. Define the GNUMAKE environment variable to point to it,

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Posted on: January 15, 2014 /

Categories: Tutorials / Author Name: Arjun VM

In this tutorial, we’re going to create an icey-cold effect using layer styles and that you can apply to different objects. Then we’ll put it on a nice background to give it some effect. Step 1: We start always with a background gradient. I have used a Radial Gradient with two shades of a blue

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