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Posted on: January 6, 2014 /

Categories: ABAP, SAP / Author Name: Ankit Shukla

hi Abapers , Recently i have faced one main problem that “how to get the Alv output of Standard /already developed report OR  output of some transaction in our function module ” .. ? because nobody wants to write the same report code again in FM(function module ) , just to make that Alv output

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Continuing my previous blog on how to install NDK and compile and Prepare Lame Library. I am sharing an example on how to use Native code in your java/ android code. This example convert raw/pcm File to Mp3 file. Activity which loads Native Library (Mp3Lame) public class MyLameClass extends Activity { static {System.loadLibrary(“mp3lame”);} //declare Native

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Hi All, As We all know,Android devices come in many different screen sizes and types.And we can have different types of layout by adjusting content to varying screen sizes and orientations. Panels are great way for achieving pleasing layout.They allow us to combine multiple view into one compound view. MultiPane layout allows you to divide

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The listed are the issues faced in App Locker which uses Device Administration API to restrict unwanted user to uninstall the app :- 1. Unused set of policies listing while activating device admin function 2. Alert with blank message while deactivating device admin function   Issue 1 :- When user clicks the Enable Admin checkbox in

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Posted on: January 2, 2014 /

Categories: PHP / Author Name: Shivek Parmar

Well If you are reading this post then you must be finding a solution to send an image in an email using php mail() function. Well before that you must understand how an email body works. For shortcut you can go to your email accout, open any of the email there “View messaage source” or

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