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I am going to tell u how to make your icon font with SVG file with the help of Open URL given below for visit You need to login first for create your icon font. If you still don’t have account on so first you need to create account. For

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Posted on: December 23, 2013 /

Categories: ABAP, SAP / Author Name: Ankit Shukla

hi Abapers , Today  i am going to discuss 1 .how to use the sy-tabix value …? 2 .how sy-tabix value manipulate during looping .. ? discuss these question by explaining a simple program or report . REPORT  zloop_test. DATA : lt_emp TYPE TABLE OF zemployee, ls_emp TYPE zemployee, counter TYPE i , flag TYPE i. SELECT * FROM zemployee INTO TABLE lt_emp UP TO 5 ROWS . LOOP AT lt_emp INTO ls_emp. DELETE lt_emp INDEX sy-tabix  . WRITE : / sy-tabix , 40 ls_emp-emp_no, 50 ls_emp-emp_name. ENDLOOP. 1 . sy-tabix contain index value

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FFMpeg  is a complete, cross platform command line tool capable of recording, converting and streaming digital audio and video in various formats. It can be used to do most of our multimedia tasks quickly and easily say, audio compression, audio/video format conversion, extract images from a video and a lot more. In this post I

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In order to encrypt data, you need two things: some data to encrypt and an encryption key. The encryption key is typically a 128- or 256-bit integer. However, most people would rather use a short passphrase instead of a remembering a 78-digit number, so Android provides a way to generate an encryption key from ASCII

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Steps to follow :- 1. Create new android project File>New>Android Application Project 2. Add required libraries actionbarsherlock library420 Download the above libraries. Extract  and add them in your project. RightClick your Project>Properties>Android>Add   Note :- The libraries must be at the same location as that of your created project. 2. Add MenuFragment class along with

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