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Inter-process communication (IPC) is a set of methods for the exchange of data among multiple threads in one or more processes. There are following mechanisms in android to implement IPC:- · Intent(with Bundles) · Bound Services:- o Binder o Messenger o AIDL(Android Interface Definition Language) · Ashmem – Android Shared Memory We will start with Bound Services A bound

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In this article I am sharing one of the Mobile app building tool named “Sencha”. Sencha is a tool that helps you create your app using the proper MVC architecture. So, now questions is does sencha allow to make build for all Mobile platforms? Answer is although easy No, Sencha supports following platforms 1.  

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Problems with project Several users report that they get the following errors: Project is missing required source folder: ‘gen’ The project could not be built until build path errors are resolved. Unable to open class file To solve any of these errors, go to the project menu and select Project -> Clean. If you have library projects,

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Generally We are developing an application that will fetch the information from the Internet and display it to the user. But if internet is not connected or if it suddenly goes out after your internet check.. then user will see a blank screen.. and once he/she will connected to the internet then they have  to

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In general, how can you determine the running time of a piece of code? The answer is that it depends on what kinds of statements are used. 1. Sequence of statements statement 1; statement 2; … statement k; The total time is found by adding the times for all statements: total time = time(statement 1)

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