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In the recent time on 15th September a change was experienced (not just your office timings icon_biggrin-8641151 lol). Google’s Sundar Pichai ran from his hill station office all the way to Mumbai to launch a totally new and innovative part of android OS named “Android One”.

Android One is a program not to be confused as new android OS which uses latest android OS with hardware specifications specified by Google. To understand this let’s have a comparative study of android by other vendors (for ex. Samsung, HTC). The android which you might be using in Samsung, HTC phones was a modified version i.e. Google provided Android to Samsung for ex. which added its features to it enabling/disabling some features of Android OS which results in Samsung’s version of Android. So the Android you were using earlier to Android one program was vendor’s version and not Google’s version. You might be thinking of verifying the above information. For that I want you to recall the update you were getting on these phones (Samsung phones named it Firmware update) which was actually Android update but was only provided by vendors. That was one of the reasons that resulted in slow response devices.

Now, Google wants to be in the driving seat just to enhance the strength of users and their experience. After all, users are the one who will be using the Android and Google will be the one who will be blamed for bad experience of user.

To attract users Google has now controlled (starting with Indian Market) both price and hardware that vendors will be using to provide Android enabled phones. Users will now be directly getting updates from Google which will obviously make user experience better. The target of Google is common man (who is also targeted by politicians to get votes ;-), as you have heard Aam AAdmi). So, reducing the range of prices has also gave both opportunity as well as challenge to Vendors.

Let’s wait and watch the complete game that would bring up a great benefit to Android lovers and users. Giving a small diagram representation of Android one program.

Before Android one:-

Google’s Android+Vendors modification     —————> Vendor specific Android

Google’s Android+Vendors modification     —————> Vendor specific Android

  • Google can’t control versions
  • Vendors decide the deliverable version to user.

After Android One:-

Google’s Android + Google’s hardware Specification —–> vendor phone

Google’s Android + Google’s hardware Specification —–> vendor phone

  • Google gives updates to every device (please take your own internet connection for that :-D).
  • User will have experience that google wants.

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