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Session Management-Multiple Sessions Allowed

It is possible for a user to initiate multiple concurrent sessions using just one username/password combination. If multiple users are allowed to log in to the same account simultaneously, non-repudiation is lost. The existence of multiple sessions generated from the same set of user credentials often indicates that the credentials have been compromised. A malicious

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Information Leakage-Error Messages

Information Leakage Through Error Messages The application reveals information about how data validation is being performed, required data formats, or other information an attacker can use to construct malicious payloads to insert into requests. To Ensure it, Replace all error messages with error codes if possible. If error messages must be displayed in order to

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Input Validation-File Upload

File Upload Capability allows a Web user to send a file from his or her computer to the Web server. If the Web application that receives the file does not carefully examine it for malicious content, an attacker may be able to use file uploads to execute arbitrary commands on the server. Arbitrary command execution

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Facebook Login with login Button

Hi all, I recently did a POC on facebook login. Here is my workaround. I used the Loginbutton Widget to login. first of all in linearlayout put this

Then prefer using UiLifeCycleHelper as provided by Tapan In that you will find onSessionStateChanged method with three parameters

Now your Facebook Login is ready to

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Configuring My SQL Database with the ASP.NET on server.

Configuring the Server for integrating MY SQL Database with ASP.NET. Following are the things we need to check:- first check the application type 32 bit or 64 bit. from the inetmgr. For which you have to go to the application pool and click advance setting. There you see “Enable 32-Bit Application” true means it is

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