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How do we get name,size,type information of uploaded files through javascript

In this post, I am going to explain you how can we get all information of uploaded files like name,size,type  on button click. In this form,we have two button 1) Input type file button through which we can upload multiple files 2)Input type button:  On click of this button we call getFileNames() function 3)getFileNames() function gives the

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How to create a Custom Browse button

I am posting this blog because I have faced an issue to design input type file button. Default browse button doesn’t look so good but we can customize it. We can do this through javascript. ->First , hide the input type file button. ->Create your custom button. ->onclick Event of custom button call “javascript:document.getElementById(‘id_of_input_type_file_button’).click(); ->Therefore,

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Acccess nth:tr or nth:td of table in Jquery

Some times we got a situation in which we have to access some specific table row <tr> or table data <td> of the table. We can achieve this through Jquery. To access nth row <tr> of table

To access nth table data <td> of table

To access each row of table


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Preview uploaded image through Jquery

This might be a old topic. But still, it will be useful for the beginners. Using jQuery we can achieve this, The preview action will be executed all in the browser without using Ajax to upload the image. Here is the example. The benefit of this is that we can display an uploaded image to

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