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How to add jquery events to dynamically or ajax loaded classes?

I am writing this post ..because  i hv strucked  in a problem in binding  jquery events with classes which were created dynamically in future.  i.e. the content(table) was made with Ajax. As we know, in document.ready function : The jQuery document ready function executes when the DOM (Document Object Model) is completely loaded in the

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cakephp : apply validation on form using model but doesn’t have actually table exist in database.

Problem : model which doesn’t actually have a table. for example validating a form on site e.g contact form Solution :

Note: just use var $useTable = false; 527 total views, no views today

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Convert HTML to pdf in php

In some projects we may need to convert HTML content to PDF for various reasons: transfer, storage, print.The presentation below will try to guide you how to do it, using PHP.When available, we concentrate on open-source or free solutions as first choice. This solution uses DOMPDF project. It simply gets a HTML text and generates a

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How to create a simple and efficient PHP cache

When working on php websites made from scratch and without a framework, speed can often be an issue. Caching is extremely useful in order to speed up PHP webpages. In this article, I’ll show you a super easy and efficient way to dynamically cache php pages that need to be faster. Step one: Create the

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Sort Objects by Property with PHP

I recently needed to display a list of authors within a WordPress blog.  The goal was to sort the author list by number of posts before outputting the list.  The method for calculating number of posts isn’t a sortable key within WordPress’ get_posts, so I had to sort the result list myself.  PHP’s usort method, along with a

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