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Using the output of a Standard/Already Developed ALV report

hi Abapers , Recently i have faced one main problem that “how to get the Alv output of Standard /already developed report OR  output of some transaction in our function module ” .. ? because nobody wants to write the same report code again in FM(function module ) , just to make that Alv output

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sy-tabix value modification during deletion in looping

hi Abapers , Today  i am going to discuss 1 .how to use the sy-tabix value …? 2 .how sy-tabix value manipulate during looping .. ? discuss these question by explaining a simple program or report . REPORT  zloop_test. DATA : lt_emp TYPE TABLE OF zemployee, ls_emp TYPE zemployee, counter TYPE i , flag TYPE i. SELECT * FROM zemployee INTO TABLE lt_emp UP TO 5 ROWS . LOOP AT lt_emp INTO ls_emp. DELETE lt_emp INDEX sy-tabix  . WRITE : / sy-tabix , 40 ls_emp-emp_no, 50 ls_emp-emp_name. ENDLOOP. 1 . sy-tabix contain index value

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Open popup window on double click of particular record in ALV display

Hi Everyone , I am going to provide a solution for particular task by explaining each step in details. TASK : Design a Alv report to display all records of employee table by using  ‘GRID DISPLAY’ .but The main task is “On clicking of particular record a popup window will open and shows the selected

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