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How to load b2bodies from physics editor and remove the corresponding body with its sprite of an array on touch in cocos2dx

//ADD SPRITES TO THE SCENE CCSprite *sprite1=CCSprite::create(“sprite1.png”); //Let the scaling factor is rX and rY for X and Y direction sprite1->setScaleX(rX); sprite1->setScaleY(rY); scene->addChild(sprite1); //Similarly we can add other sprites also which are to be in the array //ADD ALL THESE SPRITES TO THE CCARRAY CCArray *arr=new CCArray; arr->addObject(sprite1); In above sprite declaration,position of the sprite

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Admob Testing Mode

By Using admob  in testing mode in development and testing phase, you would be loading test ads on your device/emulator. This is good and must , since, many times, you might tap on the adverts by mistake, and your admob  account could be banned if this happens regularly or if Admobs decides that you are

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