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Record Video using mediRecorder API

Steps to record video are

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Get Instance of currently visible Fragment in view pager

There are two ways to get the instance of current visible item in view Pager. 1. First way is: Step1: get the position of viewpager using int item = mViewpager.getCurrentItem(); Step2: find the tag of fragment using item which you added at the time of fragment add or replace String tag = “”; if(item ==

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Record and Save Voice

Below is the code for recording a voice through mic and saving it in sdcard :   //Code for saving recording private void startRecording(){ mRecorder = new MediaRecorder(); File sampleDir = Environment.getExternalStorageDirectory(); try { audiofile = File.createTempFile(“sound”, “.3gp”, sampleDir); } catch (Exception e) { // TODO: handle exception Log.e(“Path Error”, “Error in making directory”); }

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How to change Frequency of Voice in Android

As everyone knows that every person has different voice. It all because of different frequency rate of different people. So we can change voice by changing frequency rate. In android to change frequency we use “Soundpool“.   The SoundPool class manages and plays audio resources for applications. A SoundPool is a collection of samples that

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Set up development Environment for NokiaX

Hi, As we all knows Nokia has launched its first Android phone NokiaX.The apps having google map,google in app billing and GCM push notification will not run on NokiaX as NokiaX does not support “Google play services”. So developers need to setup environment for the development of nokiaX apps.Following are the steps: Environment SetUp

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