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Changing Application Title according to the phone Language in Windows Phone

First download the software from this link   WP8TitleLocalisation unzip the content of the zip file into folder. Run the WP8Localisation.exe Fill the App tile and the App tile String text box  and click on generate button. You will see the something like in the below screenshort   now you see that the app title is converted

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Decomiple Android APK to get Resource Files (Reverse Engineering)

Download the attached file and extract it into a Directory.. Copy the apk files you want to decompile to the root directory of APKTool. Open a command window (cmd). Navigate to the root directory of APKtool and type the following command:               apktool d YourApkName.apk 5. After successful executing above command, a new directory

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Integrate Pattern Lock in Android

Steps to integrate patten lock in your app :- 1. Download pattern lock library from here. 2. Import the library in your project. 3. Add LockPatternActivity in AndroidManifest.xml <activity   android:name=””   android:theme=”@style/Alp.Theme.Dark” /> 4. Create new pattern Add following lines in your activity to launch the pattern activity private static final int REQ_CREATE_PATTERN = 1;

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Is Java a pure object orieneted language?

Well this have always been a topic of discussion among geeks and most favorite question of many interviewers. Here we will have a detailed look at this topic. After reading this blog you will be able to figure out is Java  a pure object oriented language? Object oriented refers to a methodology which enables a

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