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Using HttpClient in Windows Phone

To use the HttpClient in Windows phone we need theMicrosoft HTTP Client Libraries which we can get fron the nuget easily. following is the code by which we can use the HttpClient

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How to post(upload) photos on Facebook?

Hii all, To post photos on Facebook, check the login authentication before executing this code. The following method will post photo from saved pictures folder of media library, image name is stored in App.filename on Facebook.

Please suggest me if there is any other way to post photos on facebook. 939 total views, 1 views today

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How to save canvas as an image

Hii all, To save canvas or children’s of canvas as an image use the following code under the click event of your save button here “mycanvas” is your canvas name which is to be saved as an image.

Canvas including its children’s is saved as an image. 1,066 total views, 1 views today

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Integrating Admob in Cocos2dx Windows/ Windows Phone Project

For integrating Admob in the Windows/ Windows Phone. You need the following things. Coco2dx 2.2.3 version (below this version windows/windows phone. Don’t support Admob) Admob Sdk The main reason for taking the Cocos2dx 2.2.3 version is because before this version the Cocos2dx don’t support the XAML project version for windows/ windows phone & without the

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How to perform any action on pivot change(on pivot page swipe)

Hi all, To perform any action on swiping a pivot page just write the code inside Pivot selection change event. For example if I have to enable or disable an app bar button on pivot change, I want button[2] to be disabled when we navigate on pivot page index 2.

It will disable the

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