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Xcode 4.6.x crashing after installing xcode 6 beta version

Hi, There is problem when you will install Xcode 6 beta or new version and  you have already installed Xcode 4.6.x version on system. After installing Xcode 6 beta version, Xcode 4.6.x version will start crashing unexpected. As I have found the reason is changing Mobile Device Framework. There is command for this issue, we

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How to remove extra padding from top, left, bottom or right in Grouped UITableView

Hi All, There is some flow with Grouped Table view with iOS7 like adding extra padding space. Specially this problem come with iPad. As you can see in above image with marked box with extra padding in group table. By using below code we can remove extra padding as follows :- tableObject.contentInset = UIEdgeInsetsMake(-30, 0,

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How to make plist and read data from plist in cocos2d-x

Depending on the conditions,if it is required to store small piece of data(mostly when tabular) and to retrieve that data in your project,then it is not wise to use sqlite,plist is best to use conditionally. For making and add data to plist,just go to ios folder in your project,right click and select new file option,window

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How to integrate GoogleAdmob in cocos2d-x (Portrait mode)

In order to integrate the google admob to your existing project,firstly copy the following banner view classes and GoogleAdMobAdsSDK in proj.ios folder of your project Banner View Classes GoogleAdMobAdsSDK After copying,the folder will look like this: Now your project folder is ready for the integration,go to your Xcode project,open it,add these classes of banner view

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How to call objective C from c++ in cocos2d-x

Hi friends. In this tutorial we will learn to call objective C methods from a c++ class in mac OS Step 1 Create a new Hello World Project. By default you will have HelloWorldScene.cpp, HelloWorldScene.h, AppDelegate.cpp and AppDelegate.h Step 2 Now create a new File in your classes folder and name it as ObjCCalls or

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