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Displaying Progress Bar on Dialog Box in BB10 native

In this blog we will be looking for how to display a “progress bar” on a “dialog box”.  Here we are reading bb10 contact list. As many contacts we read progess on progress bar is displayed accordingly. Firstly include : #include <bb/cascades/ProgressIndicator> #include <bb/system/SystemProgressDialog.hpp> #include <bb/cascades/Dialog>   Before defination keep in mind that progress bar value varies from

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Integrating Phonegap in Sencha App

Hi readers, In this blog we will be looking at the possibilities that are provided by Sencha in building your Mobile Applications. If you use Sencha to build native mobile applications you have two options: 1. Android 2. ios. For Windows, Blackberry you need to provide phonegap support. Building native application using sencha I expect

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How to post raw JSON Data in Webservices (JAVA, C++)

Hi All, As we all know there are various ways of  passing data in request  of a web-service. Here I am going to discuss how I did for sending raw json data using post method. You need to consider two important aspects of Request Header of request:- Content-Type :-The MIME type of the body of the request

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Blackberry Webworks Development

  Webworks is a platform given by Blackberry to develop apps for blackberry Smart phone(both BBOS and BB10). Using this technology one can develop apps that are basically web application but can be ported on device. Requirements:   JRE 1.5 or 1.6 32 bit.   Note:- Put this into your environment variables path.  Install Webworks SDK and Ripple

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